How to use the Pax Era

Am sure by now you must already know what the PAX Era brings to the table and what an Era Pod can deliver. But now it would be important that you also know how to use this new device. Coupled with top-of-the-line features and a wide range of available strains, the PAX Era has become a fan favorite among medical and social consumers, and when it comes to this device, ease of use is the name of the game. When you buy your pax era, it will come with a USB-C cord for charging, and the brand-new device will need about 45 – 60 minutes to fully charge.
So in order to check the charge, simply move the pax Era back and forth. The petals on the front of the device will light up in a white color. And in order to charge the PAX Era, connect the USB-C cord to the charging dock and plug it into the USB port on your computer or charging device. The four petals on the front of the device show the battery level. Each petal signifies a 25% charge. Once all four petals stop pulsating and turn light blue, the device is fully charged and ready to use.
When the battery is low, the upper left petal will blink red. Now when it comes to experimenting with temperatures, this device offers four different temperature settings based on individual preferences. Higher temperatures will give your elevation more edge, while lower temperatures will focus on the flavor of your chosen Era Pod. Using the above-mentioned “SimpleClick™” technology, changing temperatures on a concentrating device has never been easier.
What you need to first do is adjust the temperature by using the “Pop and Click” method, next you have to pop your pod up from the device (you don’t have to fully remove the pod), and then drop the pod back down to change to the next temperature (no need to push it in completely). At this point, the device will vibrate and the petals will each glow yellow to indicate the temperature that the device is set to. Then continue by popping the pod back in once you land on your preferred temperature. Your pod will remember this temperature until you change settings — no need to set the temperature each time.

pax era pro

The PAX Era Pro is a handheld, portable device that works with pre-filled cannabis oil PAX pods. It is a  Pro Vaporizer upgraded with more draw-predictability, session control, and PodID compatibility. Sporting a longer battery life than the original PAX Era, as well as a streamlined design, the Era Pro delivers better vapor in a shorter time. The PAX Era Pro was built for ease. Pods drop into place instead of threading on and off. Your breath activates the heating instead of a button.
A quick shake displays the battery meter. It even has four onboard temperatures that are easy to select without a button. This Pax Era Pro is a handheld concentrate vaporizer, which means it utilizes fresh PAX Era Pods for an extremely simple on-the-go experience. You can get this device in a range of colors including black, red, jade, or grey.
The Era provides consumers with safety certifications, on-demand draw and Pax Pod-ID where you can check safety reports and strains through the PAX Android app. The Era Pro includes all of these measures, but tacks on expert temperature settings, Era pod memory (where your chosen pod “remembers” the temperature in which you like to vape), haptic vibration alerts, and the previously mentioned UL certification.

pax era life

It’s rare to come across a West Coast stoner who isn’t already somewhat familiar with the PAX brand. Its handheld, pocket-sized flower and oil vaporizers are ubiquitous among committed non-combusters and strain-hunting extract users, and its high-profile farm collabs have kept its proprietary cartridges consistently relevant.  Now the PAX line has expanded once again to include the PAX Era Life, its most streamlined device yet, built to suit a variety of cannabis oil users with simplified functions and unparalleled ease of use.
With its relatively low price point, simple features, and elegant simplicity, the PAX Era Life brings quality weed tech to an entirely new and potentially far more inclusive audience. It’s a compact, streamlined, lower-cost version of PAX’s popular Era Pro pocket oil vaporizer. The two vapes share the same sleek look, with the Era Life being about one centimeter shorter than the Era Pro. The PAX Era Life’s scaled-back functions make it PAX’s easiest-to-use vaporizer.
Simply plug a PAX pod into the open end of the device, reinsert it to choose from one of four temperatures, and draw.  The Era Life shares the majority of its basic functionality features with the Era Pro, save for the Pro’s high level of interconnectivity via the app. The Era Life does not feature app connectivity, and hence lacks those fancy app control options like low-pod alerts or child locks. But what the PAX Era Life lacks in ornamental tech, it makes up for with long battery life (up to 150+ hits per charge), relatively low cost ($35), and flashy new color choices like Indigo, Grass, or Blaze.
The PAX Era Life is the most scaled-down of all PAX devices and is arguably the easiest PAX device to use. Straight from the package, the Era Life is ready to go; it’s as easy as plugging in a pod and taking a hit. The PAX Era Life arrives with a 4-inch long charging cable, and though it arrived via USPS, it was approximately half charged. Once I’d used up the unexpected power boost, it took only 45 minutes to fully recharge the lithium-ion battery.